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Why oh why?

Why Gerrard and Lampard? They haven’t played well together for years.

Why Beckham? He can’t run, dribble or tackle.

Why Maclaren? He is clearly crazy.

Why was I born English?


"Friendship Evangelism" is heartless

A friend of mine (who is not a christian) read my blog entry about how I suck as a Christian. The basic argument I made was that I had been out with a couple of friends and that I hadn’t mentioned Jesus, the gospel or church.

My friend got quite annoyed with me. They argued that “friendship evangelism” was an insult to friendship and that the idea of Christians becoming friends with people just to convert them was wrong. They argued, that if I was a proper Christian (therefore trying to be like God and tryingto demonstrate his character in my own life) then I wouldnt have to force out conversations about God, Jesus or the church.

My friend is right. The idea of friendship evangelism does seem pretty heartless and even the more fashionable term “missional” can come across as patronising.

Do I get to know people who aren’t Christians just because I want to convert them? No. I hang out with the people I hang out with because I like them. Simple as.

However, I don’t think you can be a Christian and believe all that we believe and not have your friend’s spiritual condition in the back of your mind. That would be even more heartless.

Derren Brown does a ministry time…

A good mate of mine who isn’t a Christian sent this film to me. I thought I would put it up here to see what people thought.

I have seen stuff like this at church. I am not for a moment suggesting that the Holy Spirit is a psychological phenomenon, but I think this film highlights how humans are easily led and maybe easily abused.

What do others think?

To old to lead a student work?

I had a facebook conversation with a mate of mine who leads a student work recently.

He was saying that he as he is getting older (he is only 24!!) and that he is feeling outside of student culture and removed from freshers. He is debating handing student worker over to someone younger than him.

I replied:

Embrace your age! I love the fact I am 10 or 12 years clear of most of our students. I have done so much more than any of them and so I can teach them.

I have a job, a wife, a child, a mortgage, responsibilty, I serve the church, I have plenty of sin, I have relationship with Jesus, I give money etc etc. Our students need to learn about all of that stuff.

I am actually fairly anti student works that are led by students or recent graduates. I think having age and experience is such a vital thing for the 20s.

That generation is basically wandering around in the dark. The Girls behave like guys and the guys are often total wusses who avoid responsibility. They need people they can respect because of their expereince, and they need people who will talk straight to them. Can a fellow student or recent graduate who is probably a mate do that? I dont think so.

What really does my nut is when student works and youth groups are given leaders that need to be trained so they can go off and lead “adults”. PAH!!

I thought I would stick this up on my blog to see what other opinions there are out there.

Preaching, discipleship and a healthy church

So I preached last weekend! Now the dust has settled in my mind I can say I am quite pleased with how it went. Especially when I remember my last attempt (train wreck…). If you care you can down load it from the churchcentral website. (Hover your mouse over “resources” on the top right of the tool bar then click on teaching centre. My preach is called “walk, talk, fight”.)

I was pointed to an excellent blog by the simple pastor this week. The blog is called The Crowded House and seems to have a focus towards student work. Have a look.

One post that interested me was around the subject of student discipleship. He suggest that students often don’t get properly looked after by their church, that they are told to go and evangelise but no attempt is made to plug them into church.

The challenge is to have students who are properly plugged into church, whilst at the same time living lives of mission on campus.

Unfortunately the balance is hard to find. Some students get into church, Christian union, Christians in sport, Christians in art and a whole bunch of other stuff. Before they know it they don’t know any non-Christians and live life in the bubble of Christian culture.

Some others spend all their time with non-Christians, refuse discipleship and end up slipping away into sin.

The students that thrive are those that love Jesus, love church (the people, not the time and place) and are passionate about mission. The rest just argue amongst themselves.

The answer to these problems is a healthy church that gets hold of students, disciples them, plugs them into the church community and challenges them to live a missional life.

My blogging hero

This guy is rapidly becoming my hero.