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Better than King James

Found this article on the BBC website: the bible, but not as we know it

Personally, I think it is a fantastic idea and was also impressed with the “Jesus loves porn stars bible” by xxxchurch featured at the end of the article.

Ps currently listening to Bruce Springsteen


As wierd as a Mormon?

Recently I have had the chance to get to know a couple of Mormons.

I met these two guys outside my house when I was about to go to church. They wanted to talk, as Mormons do, but I was in a rush and somehow I invited them back on another evening. Usually I never bother talking to these guys or JWs because it always seems a little futile but these two must have used some sort of Jedi mind trick…

So a week later we had some Mormons round. I decided before hand that my main objectives were to be friendly, make them laugh and find out their first names.

They talked at us for 45 minutes and they managed to make themselves sound like fairly conventional Christians. They realised we were Christians and they claimed to of heard of Newfrontiers, so emphasised how they valued the bible as the word of God and how important Jesus is to them. It all sounded familiar to me.

Then they got to Joseph Smith and it all got a little crazy.

Our first meeting finished with me promising to read the book of Mormon and pray about it. They seemed convinced that if you read the book of Mormon and then pray to the Holy Spirit he will confirm it is true. That’s it. That’s how you become a Mormon.

Following my last post about being a weirdo Christian who claims to hear from God, the Mormon’s evangelistic technique intrigued me.

P.S. This week I have been listening to The Bronx and Suicidal Tendencies.

Wierdo Christian

Writing about how God talks to me makes me uncomfortable! I wonder if any of my non-Christian friends read this blog and think I have mental health problem. I also struggle to articulate it without using horrible Christian clichés.

We are moving to Manchester entirely because I believe God told me too! I had no particular desire to move to Manchester until God started speaking so how do I explain it properly?

I had four dreams about Manchester, I prayed that God would confirm that he wanted us to move and on that day got a phone call telling me that a church in Manchester wanted to do what I felt God had been telling me to do but they didn’t have anyone to do it, and I just felt it was right! I cannot describe it better than that. I guess I should say that I believe in God, I believe he speaks to us today, I trust him with everything and I believe he was talking to me.

What a weirdo…

P.S. Currently listening to the new Kings of Leon album which is reasonable and the new Frank Turner album, which is fantastic.


So, Manchester.

I want to blog a few times about how our future move up north came about. If you’re reading this and are a Christian it will make sense (probably). If you’re not a Christian then this is probably a mixture of stupid, delusional and plain weird. Please feel free to ask questions.

It popped into my head about a year ago. Not sure why or how, God probably. At least, that’s how I think it happened. I was in a pub, with a mate talking about cities we would love to plant churches in. Manchester came up and something clicked in me. This could have been beer or a reaction to some dodgy peanuts, but it felt like a God prompt to me.

It stewed in my head for about six months. I didn’t talk about it to anyone; I just let the idea of Manchester sit there and quietly bubble.

It soon became clear that our time in Birmingham was coming to a close. We have some fantastic friends, jobs we like, a house that is pleasantly housey (how do you describe a house with out sounding like that Llewellyn Bowen pillock?) and a church that we were crazy about. So really there was no reason to move. Ever.

So God stirred us. Well, me really. I love to think about what’s possible and what’s in the future. Bit of a dreamer really. This has pluses and minuses. The plus being I have always felt happy to up-and-leave if/when God said so. The minus being I am not great at living in the now!

It’s hard to explain the next bit without sounding weird.

God spoke. Not audibly and it took me a while to work out what was going on. But he definitely spoke. I heard ideas, vision, future and warnings.

Most of it I am going to keep to myself, but I will blog some of it over the next few days.

P.s. Today I have been listening to Slipknot. Seriously, these guys are funny.

I blame Rupert Murdoch

So, long time no blog.

I am going to be honest. I got sky sports and setanta sports, thus I haven’t read much or written a blog in ages. WWJD?

Anyways, here I am. Here you are. What to say?

We are moving to Manchester. This came about through a combination of quite specific dreams, God planting a number of ideas in my head about reaching a specific group of people in Manchester and a number of “coincidences”.

We are going to join East Manchester Family Church with the intention of helping to start a congregation/church-plant/small group type thingy near/in the centre of Manchester.

Over the next few blog entries I will attempt to unpack what I think we are meant to do in Manchester. Please use the comments to ask questions, post criticisms (I want to hear from all you atheists out there), point and laugh or be encouraging.

I have a few other vitally important subjects I’d like to cover. For example: Why can’t I be a pundit on Match of the Day?

Ps: I am currently listening to the king blues, the night marchers and the bronx. So should you.