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Remember the poor……….kinda

I think at this time of year it is important that we remember those who are less fortunate than us.

Like this poor lady


A sign of the end times?

John Sargent is doing a christmas single.

I am not sure whats worse, a christmas single by a male Jo Brand look a like or the X factor winner butchering Leonard Cohens hallelujah.

Deep sigh.

Family Christian Movies

I recently stumbled across this site:

To start with I thought it was a joke. The first film I noticed was called “Love Comes Softly” which is, apparently, a series of “faith based dramas”. In episode 5, titled “Loves Unending Legacy”, the following happens:

“In the latest Love series installment, two years have passed since the tragic
death of Missie’s husband Willie. Missie is forced to move back to her father’s
ranch in Tettsford Junction and ends up adopting a teenage orphan girl who tests
her faith and strength. Missie is compelled to defend the girl’s orphan brother
who is being mistreated by his adoptive family all the while fighting her own
feelings of love for the town sheriff.”


Then I found Fireproof and I laughed. A lot.

Finally I chanced upon “Last flight out”. Do people actually watch or buy this stuff? Have you, dear reader, seen any of these films? If so, why?

Bleeding from my eyes…

It seems that Christian Bloggers often Blog about what they are reading. So I thought I would do the same.

I am reading The Resurrection of the Son of God by N.T. Wright.

This is not a book review, (because I am only on page 33 of 738) really I am just trying to create the illusion that I am clever. This book comes as the most recent volume in N.T. Wrights “Christian Origins and the Question of God” series, of which I have read the first volume and half of the second volume (reading half the second volume took over a year….).

It is stretching my brain and making my eyes bleed. Good times.

I recently finish Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears. This is a much simpler read. It has sentences with less than a hundred words in. This makes me happy.

Ps Currently listening to Fall Out Boy (which is a guilty pleasure) and TV on the Radio who sound like Prince in a fight with Radiohead.

Pps I hate Strictly Come Dancing. I cannot understand why people watch it, I am genuinely bemused.