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Israel and Gaza

I dont even know what I think about the current conflict in Gaza. Some days I am pro Israel, some days pro Gaza and most days I just feel angry.

This article by Paul Kaye gives an interesting perspective.


Mark Driscoll in the New York Times

I was sent this link by one of my colleagues.

It is very interesting article about Mark Driscoll that was published on 6th January 2009. It seems to be fairly balanced, although not entirely favourable and most interestingly picks up on Driscoll’s Calvinism.

I cannot remember seeing any equivalent articles in the British press about any of “our” evangelical leaders.

Anyways, both my colleague and I read the article. What followed was a discussion about the basics of Calvinism and how wives should submit to their husbands. Most importantly I managed to share the gospel and explain how important I feel the bible is. This is unusual. I normally make a mess out of these conversations and usually end up sounding like either a crazed Mormon or weedy liberal.

Have a read and share your thoughts.