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A Mancunian Candidate

My house is emptying. In roughly 30 hours we will be a Mancunian family, who’d have thunk it?

Anyways, my good friends, the clash, are helping me through this move. London Calling is at full volume on the ipod in an attempt to not think to hard about leaving. Crying in front of these removal guys would be a low point.

Funny the journey that God takes you on. It feels like we are throwing ourselves on the mercy of a whole city. We don’t really know many people, we don’t know the area at all, and we are becoming leaders in a church that does not know us. It’s not that we need to hit the ground running more that we need to hit the ground at a full sprint and hope that we don’t break our ankles on impact.

I am a little nervous but Manchester gives off a good vibe. It seems to ooze culture, diversity and adventure. A brief scan of the Manc blogosphere reveals very active music, literary, clubbing, biking and psychogeography (me neither). In short, I cannot wait.


Mancunian Blogger

Well this blog is as active as a….. well….a….thing that don’t do much.
So team Simmonds are going to Manchester. I (Tim) am going to work for Christ Church Manchester as a……er….um…..pppfffffff…..well as a church worker. It is not entirely clear what this entails but I cannot wait to get involved.

The blog has been quiet because I thought I could write about Manchester, learning a new city and maybe some God stuff. However, a house sale fell through and the last few months have involved not very much at all! Nevermind, we move in less than two weeks to glorious Levenshulme (how do you pronounce yet?) and I will reassess the point of a blog.

The few months of down time have meant that I could read a few good books. Vintage church was brilliant, very broad but managed to address a number of issues with real clarity. I also read Lost and Found by Ed Stetzer , which is all about getting 18-30s to go to church. I may well blog about this book as it managed to get the grey matter working.

Ps currently listening to the Kingdom of Rust by Doves. A Manchester band. Beautiful.

PPs Terminator 4 – barely a film. Star Trek – amazing, saw it twice.