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The Web is Changing Church

Guest Blogger Matt Simmonds writes about how the internet is changing the way the church reaches people:

Can you recall what the web looked like 10 / 15 years ago? What was life like before Amazon, Google, Youtube and Twitter? Probably a lot more straightforward… I remember as a teenager writing my girl friend letters, with like, a pen and paper. Bizarre. Now teenage courtships appear to take place solely on msn and facebook.

The rise and evolution of the World Wide Web has offered new opportunities for many, including teenage Casanovas and, thankfully, the church. It took us a while but we (the church) got email addresses and then websites (eventually with our own domain names) and now even facebook pages and twitter accounts, but what next?

We’ve been schooled to believe that our website homepage is our online ‘front door’ or ‘shop front’ but is this changing? Once websites could exist as shops on the Internet shopping mall; search, browse, connect. But now users are lazy and bloated with an abundance of social networking opportunities, ‘why browse the news websites when twitter will give me the news?’ Rather than brands setting up shop and waiting for surfers to come to us, we can now and must, go to them. We can set up home right in their communities; we can be the corner shop in the middle of their facebook community.

Soon we won’t have one front door but dozens spread across all sorts of different online communities. Eventually will we even have or need our own websites? Recently I observed a large sporting brand advertise at a football match in the UK viewed by millions on TV. The electronic displays rolled through their different brand messages and the hook? Not their website but their twitter account.

Also you may have seen recently that Pepsi dropped their usual super bowl TV advert slot (for the first time in 23 years). Why? The Credit Crunch? Nope, instead they are plotting a $20 million assault on Social Media.

The web is changing again. Let’s get on board, what better way for the church to connect with people but to reach right into their communities.


Barney Rubble

Having blogged recently about how much I suck and how much I/we need to be honest about our suckiness I feel I need to move on. There needs to be some balance in the force (can a Christian blogger write that?). I cannot spend all my time moaning about how rubbish I am. (although, I am….). The important thing I need to remember is how irrelevant my rubbishness is. So in short, “I suck, but it doesn’t matter”. Why doesn’t it matter? Because God covers me.

I stumbled across this from Julian Adams blog  courtesy of Simon Holly’s blog

Faith is not something many evangelicals talk about anymore. We place a high emphasis on a correct understanding of the word of God, yet for most it does not produce powerful living. The result of correct understanding should be correct living. I believe this is true because often we place value on a cerebral understanding of truth and not faith filled revelation.

I understand my position and I understand God is amazing and wants to do amazing things. I understand this in my head.