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Matt Hatch on Church Planting

One of my new blog ventures is the Christ Church Manchester Church Planting Blog.

We went to Leeds to film Matt Hatch of Mosaic Church. We asked him about church planting. He gave us so much fantastic material that we have broken the film up into a series of questions that we will put online over the next few weeks.

I got to interview Matt (don’t panic, I sat off camera and my voice has been edited out) and I found myself being challenged by his answers. He has planted a successful church that is still growing and sending out a new plant into West Leeds in January

Watch him and steal his ideas. I did.

Click through to our site and watch the film. Christ Church Manchester Church Planting.


Impending Doom

I have to say that I am quite excited about Sunday evenings at the moment. Last year I had a vague sense of impending doom from Wednesday morning through to about 9pm on a Sunday evening. It was hard work feeling positive about 10 people in a vodka bar looking awkwardly at each other. Over the year we grew in number and in a sense of purpose but the first six months were a lesson in graft and humility.

This year is different. It is still hard work, and I am constantly humbled but we are much better at what we do and God is with us. That seems like a strange thing to write, but it feels like we have a sense of momentum that isn’t defined by the number of people in the room (unlike last year) but by God. Hard to articulate, but true.

This Sunday we have Phil Smith from Vinelife Church in Manchester speaking.

One of the highlights of moving to Manchester has been getting to know Phil and Sarah. They have been good friends and their church has been an example to us of Kingdom thinking. They have promoted us, served us and looked after us. We are effectively starting a community in the same place they have a community aimed at a very similar crowd. Are they threatened or territorial? Nope. Instead they helped us launch CCM:city by loaning us 40 people to give out flyers.

After all that lets hope he doesn’t suck….