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It has been a year. It has been a good year. 2010 holds some good memories.

I became involved in more blogs than I know what to do with. One of these blogs landed me at the Manchester Blog awards ceremony in which I was the joint winner of Blog of the Year 2010. That was a mind bender as most of the work had been done by my good friend Helen but I am always keen to grab some undeserved glory wherever possible.

Christ Church Manchester still employ me and even let me do stuff. The evening meeting that we started in September 2009 and rebooted as CCM:City in September 2010 has done well. 18 months ago there were 8 of us and 3 of them were in the band. Now there is 40 ish people. We have some truly awesome people who keep bringing their friends who also bring friends. Result.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to say hi and say 2011 looks very intriguing.