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I like to boast

I like to boast.

I especially like to boast when a bunch of other people get credit (see the humility I displayed there?).

On Sunday night we rebooted the Chapels Open Mic Night. Previously I had run it and it sucked. The guys that played were awesome but I didn’t advertise, promote or even invite anyone. To be honest on top of two Sunday meetings (CCM:City & CCM:East) to set up and attend I just didn’t have the mental capacity to make another event happen on a Sunday. Consequently about 10 of us would go to Baa Bar and listen to polite Christians play Switchfoot covers. Yuck.

Thankfully for me J joined CCM. J is awesome.

He took on the open mic. So he invited a bunch of his friends from his course and a bunch of musicians from other open mic nights in Manchester. 60 people showed up and 10 people played. I sat there and felt smug on J’s behalf.

There was a great vibe and a whole bunch of people who have never been anywhere near a church. We settled in, listened to some tunes and had a great time.


I am kind of a big deal

Sometimes your day starts off strange and then gets progressively odd. Today is one of those days.

I missed a call and listened to the Voicemail. The BBC wanted to talk to me about swimming pools. I shook my head a little to get the sleep out and listened to the voice mail again. Yup, BBC Radio Manchester wanted me to comment on the Manchester City Councils plans to shut Levenshulme Swimming Pool. So 40 minutes later I was being interviewed live on the breakfast show.

Then I was called again by the BBC (these guys have my number because my love levenshulme blog won blog of the year in Manchester, have I mentioned this before?). I met them at Levy Swimming pool for interviews. I tweeted to any Levenshulme people who were interested to come down. Which is what happened. Rumour has it we briefly made national news.