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Popcorn, a comedian and a posh town in cheshire

I am thinking a lot about Popcorn at the moment.

My friend Tom described Christ Church Manchester as being a little bit like Popcorn. We chuck a lot of seeds in the pan and turn up the heat. Some seeds pop quickly, some take a while and some don’t ever pop.

It sounds a touch flippant but I think it’s a good description of the season we are in at the moment. CCM:City started because I wanted to have a go, CCM:Withington and CCM:Salford started because leaders joined us who wanted to plant and loved our philosophy. CCM:Levenshulme was attempted because I wanted to have a go. It didn’t pop. Not yet.

So the latest seed is being thrown in the direction of Alderley Edge. Every Wednesday 5 or 6 of us meet in Alderley Edge to pray. We pray that a site of CCM will be planted. I love it and slowly but surely contacts are being made and ridiculous plans are being hatched.

However, most Wednesday evenings before I drive into the posh Cheshire countryside I find myself wondering what on earth I am doing! Why Alderley Edge? Why now? Why me?

What makes us decide that we should try to plant a new site in a new place, often when we have hardly any people there?

Faith. That’s all.

It’s a gut feeling that God might be moving and I want to see what could happen. I don’t have many people, in fact we have one gentlemen who lives in Alderley Edge, three people that come over from Silklife Church in Macclesfield because they want to stand with us and I have Jamie from CCM:City (Jamie’s a hero). We have a few other contacts and we shall pray that they find there way back to God and into the church.

What’s the plan? Ummm….the details are a little sketchy but I am going to use this small mission community to do a big attractive event.

We desperately want to see some fruit, so we are going to shake the tree and see what we get.

I was sat in a church planters training event recently and the speaker said that attractional church models were pointless. He felt that big events that attract people were a bad idea and in some way anti mission (I am simplifying his point to make my argument look better). As I listened to him talk I knew that I disagreed. Lots.

So in December we are going to do a big shiny, attractive Carols and Comedy event.  We will take the CCM:City band, a comedian, a lorry load of mince pies and invite the whole town.

What could possibly go wrong?


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