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Another new blog

So I now write on another blog. This brings me to four blogs including this one.

This time I am writing with my stupid kid brother, Matt Simmonds.

We went to the Reading Festival over August bank holiday and it slowly dawned on us that it may be time to lay down our dreams of Rock stardom. So what do you do when that painful truth catches up with you? You decide to become a critic.

So we are going to indulge our love of music by writing about it.

Follow us.


California Please

The number of people I know going out to Bethel Church in California seems to increase by the day! The call to move to California is obviously an easy one to hear!

Anyhoo, my friend Catherine is going out there for nine months to learn how to be supernatural. Follow her blog and be nice to her because she is awesome and I predict that when she returns to England God will call her to Manchester (another easy call to hear?).

New Blogs

Some buddies of mine have started blogging –

Tim Windsor Brown –

Silklife Church in Macclesfield –

Go read them.

Also Christ Church Manchester (my church) has rebooted its webpage. Look its shiney.

New Blogger

My buddy Steve Wheeler is now blogging.

He leads the student work at the fantastic Church Central in Birmingham and also plays cricket. He is a little funny looking but there are no pictures of him on his blog so you are safe to check it out.

Irrelevant church

I am loving Phil Whittalls blog at the moment (thesimplepastor). If you havent already then go read it.

The post about how church is percieved as largely irrelevant is excellent.