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A response

I have a buddy.  He is one of those good buddies from way back that you don’t see as much as you like even though they live closer than you’d care to admit. He is a worship leader, a blogger and he is currently attending a month long training program for worship leaders in California (tough break). I know very little about this training school or the church running it but they must be amazing because he is an excellent worship leader already.

Anyhoo, he replied to my last blog. Read the post and his reply.

I thought I would respond to him.

Well, to start with he is obviously correct. I want to see all the things Jon wants to see in worship. I want healings, salvation, the broken fixed, and the disturbed to find peace. Would I be happy for that to take the focus away from the musicians? Even if the musicians were ground breaking mini-Mozarts? Of course.

However, (there is always a freakin however. why CAN’T WE JUST GET ALONG!!!) I want both. I want music that is innovative, passionate, original, and incredibly creative because that is what God is. God is the ultimate creator and we were made in his image.

As a Christian who attends Church I have had to learn to turn off my musical taste when I worship.  I tune into the words of a song, I tune into the bible and I tune into Jesus. I choose to worship. I cannot count the vast Christian conferences I have been to that have incredible talent at their disposal and yet the same blandness gets served up every time.

Am I missing the point? Worship isn’t anout the music, right? In that case lets sack off the music. If the music is not important then lets just use our voices.