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Dear CCM:City

Dear CCM:City,

This blog post is just for you. You are beautiful people. Wonderful, in fact.

Your generosity will stay with me forever.

You listened to me bang on about Yalova in Turkey (it doesn’t rhyme with Pavalova). I asked you for money to give to another church in a whole other country simply because we want to be generous.

You didn’t moan. You smiled and asked how much. Then you gave more than I expected.

Today we made the world slightly better.

Nice one.



CCM:City’s Turkish Delight

CCM:City has taken a few interesting steps forward in the last month or so.

We had David Devenish with CCM for the weekend in early March and many of us felt challenged by his passion for Mission to unreached people groups. Following a bunch of conversations (largely between me and God!) we decided to do this –

It feels like a big step for us. The sort of thing proper churches do!